Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Where am I??

Are you wondering?? So am I!! I have so many things to blog I hope to do a whole lot of catching up this weekend but don't count on it, the list is long... we have had too much of homework, errands, birthdays, outings, work, getting ready for mom to be in school, family visiting crazy, crazy, crazy and it feels like overnight! Did I mention I have a twelve year old now??? ugh! more to come soon I promise!! Toodles!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My favorite jewelry maker is worth a look at...

So Kelly my friend with the coolest blog, in addition to being a kick it in the bootie photog, also makes amazing jewelry! I have a lovely personalized bracelet she made for me with my kids pics it is seriously my favorite piece of jewelry I own, but don't tell my hubby I do love my wedding ring. Anyway, I added the button to her etsy shop on the side over there on the right. Check it out even if you can't afford anything right now, (like me) it is still fun to dream, if I could by them these lovelies would be at the top of my list! They are worth buying an new outfit to match, just to be able to wear them! LOVE IT!! HAppy day to all!!