Sunday, June 29, 2008

A striped affair

I have wanted to post this for a long time but kept forgetting to take pictures of it. A couple of months ago my mom decided she wanted to paint her bathroom. Well my mom a the most bright fun personality and her bathroom is the perfect example of that. It was so fun to do this and everytime I walk in this bathroom I smile ENJOY!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008


Okay so this week I have been working hard to clean, organize, and get ready for a bbq we are having this weekend. So yesterday as I am winding down finishing up the laundry, all I have left to do is towels and a couple odds and ends. And then finish up the dishes. And what should happen the front of my dishwasher falls off!!!!
Next my washing machine won't agitate anything!!!! Ugghhh!! And my dryer at best barely ever worked thanks to a very slimy man on KSL classifieds!!! Pictured below are the beasts of my discontent.

Needless to say I know where my stimulus check will be spent!!

SILVER LINING: As I was washing the clothes by hand in my big washer sinks I was first reminded of how I loved helping my grandma do the same when I was little, Man I miss her, and second I was very grateful for my pioneer ancestors that came before me!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Riding in the Jeep!!

So last week my brother Cliffy came to visit from Colorado!! And he brought a little jeep that his little boy has. And they rode it around the yard. My little nephew Sean though is all business to him this is not a toy, this is his car and he is a tough righteous man drving it. Enjoy the pics! Plus I got this cute pic of my brother and Sean swinging I loved it!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Things are a whole lot wider at my house!!

So my the brother the computer Guru stopped by my house, last Saturday with my cutie patootie nephews and a present for us!!! He had upgraded his computer screen and so he gave us his old one which is a twenty inch flat wide screen!! Super cool this is the kind of stuff that totally makes my month!!! Thanks Mike much love!!! So needless to say all your blogs look so much more awesome!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Stuff I've made

Well I was going to put this on my side bar but it is half cut off so I'll put it here and add stuff later when I want to. This is just a slide show of things I have made for fun, money or sanity!! enjoy!

Mother/Daughter Olympics

So we had a really cute activity with Catie a couple of weeks ago and I am just getting around to it now for posting. It was a mother/daughter olympics.
One of the activities was to feed your mom a cupcake blindfolded and listen to the directions of your mother to get it in right. Well my daughter being my daughter didn't hear that and shoved it in the general vicinity of my face as fast as she could. But it was so much fun!! (thanks hollie) and hopefully something she won't ever forget!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I just had to post because nobody is home to tell!! I just got a call from the principal of the school that I work at and found out that I got a job I had applied for before school got out!! It is my dream job really, I am the new music teacher at the school, which in a way is really funny because I really don't know much about music technically but hopefully I will make up for it with my love of it. This will also make the musical that we do every year much easier. Feeling excited had to share!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer Fun!!

I am so glad summer is here almost anyway!! So here are some things I want to do this summer!! How about you!!
Ride my bike alot, like enough to find the butt I used to know!!
Take my kids to the zoo!!!
Use my new sewing machine a bunch!
Finish Porters Room!!!! seriously
Play with my kids. TONS!!!
Take a long road trip with my kids but because of gas prices we will be riding our bikes to various parks and the library!
Organize my house a little better!!