Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Are you sure?

Okay so everyone knows the old saying, the Lord will never give you anything you can't handle....Do you ever want to turn your little head and heart heavenward and say,"REALLY?" I am not trying to be whinny (is that a word?) I just have days when I am like I don't think I can take one more bit of bad news! Ugh! Now my cutie patootie skinny friends would probably say that is when I go for a run or a bike ride or swim. But I am pretty sure I will be making a fresh batch of these lovelies and medicate myself! May you all have a blessed day!! Come over if you want a cookie!

Monday, April 27, 2009

For an awesome giveaway go here

A cute friend of mine I was able to reconnect with on Facebook, i just found out has a blog which is really good! and she is having a great giveaway! So if you would like to check it out go here!!
She is in an awesome chicky with an awesome story and she SOOOOO funny!!
Happy Monday!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

For all you twilight fans!

Well she has done it again! My friend Kelly has started a blog that I find HILARIOUS!! she has a doll of Edward (that doesn't sound right, doll.... how about a micro, yeah that's better) anyway, that she is taking with her around places and photographing him experiencing the world. If you need a good laugh go here she just started it so there are just a few but it is so funny!! Enjoy!

Lovin the symphony

I had so much fun at the symphony with the 5th graders and my son this week. It was so great to see the kids actually getting excited to go, we worked really hard on learning a lot about the composers and the music we would be hearing. And I was so proud of them. They were so well behaved (could not say as much for other schools) and for the most part they told me they really did like and even some said I didn't like this song but I really liked this one! PAY DAY I love my job! and plus I had fun with my Brody I hate that he is getting so big!

The cute girls in my group VERY well behaved!!
Cute boys in my group also very well behaved!
Brody and his buddy Tanner so cool
So we also went to the capitol Beautimos!!
I took pics of some things I thought were pretty.
Take you kids it's free and pretty fun!
Beautiful Chandelier in the Gold Room
Happy Weekend Ya'll!

Monday, April 20, 2009

What is this feeling so sudden and new??

Okay I cannot stand it anymore, Next week is going to be awesome!!! About a year ago a BFF of mine, told me she was going to get season tickets so she could buy Wicked tickets and asked me if would want in and I quietly replied, YES! YES! YES!
Anyway so we were able to get tickets at a deeply discounted rate compared to what they went for at the box office. And now next Wednesday with the kiddos and the hubby we get to go see this
! I can't wait.
So next a couple of months ago a friend who was season tickets to Pioneer Theatre asked me if I wanted her tickets to the she Miss Saigon? This show she heard was a little racy (alot!) and she didn't think she would like it? (Me bring on the racy!!) Now I have loved this show since my senior year of High School. For reasons I can't go into on my blog but if you see me ask I will tell you! I know the music backwards and forwards! (is that proper?) So I said again YES! YES! YES!
Now here is where is gets exciting for the last year or so I have been reading this awesome blog about a lovely who was in Grease on Broadway and her adventures in NYC especially being LDS in the lovely city! I love her blog she always makes me smile. Well Grease was over so she came home to Utah C0unty and auditioned for guess what??? You guessed in Miss Saigon and was cast as Ellen one of my fave characters. SOOOOO EXCITED!!! Can't wait to see all this awesomeness!!

P.S. You should really check out http://mormoninmanhattan.blogspot.com it is way too cool!!
Have a great week everyone!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Have you noticed?

Spring is in the air!! Its hard to find it when it keeps snowing here but I have seen little clues and collected them for you, so you can know that yes it is coming! By the way what kind of whacked out ground hog did they get this year to predict stuff, winter was more like the energizer bunny!

Grass is getting Greener!!

Tulips are blooming!

Popcorn is popping on the apricot tree!!

My little boy comes home with little red cheeks!! (isn't he so cute??)

Happy Spring Everyone!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Doing it with Grace

Last year father's day I love this picture!

Well I have been avoiding blogging about this even though it is very much on my mind, but I just keep thinking maybe if I don't talk about it, it won't be real, After all I am, very good at denial.
About three weeks ago we found out that John's dad leukemia returned, we knew it was coming back someday we just hoped it would take longer. It was almost exactly a year from the first diagnosis. The news is not good, he is on some medication that he receives seven days in a row every four weeks and in addition to that he had to still receive platelets, and sometimes antibiotics. He is done with his first round and is starting to feel okay, but is still very tired and now they have put in a central port cath in his chest. That being said, this man is tough he never complains about how he feels, sometimes he just says "I don't feel as good as I did yesterday." Of course this is the man that walked around for weeks with a disintegrated gall bladder. But he is a tough old farmer. I have watched him very closely through this process and been very touched by his strength and his character.
Working on the farm
The road has not been an easy one for us, he and I have butted heads a couple of times and that is not shocking considering we are two of the most stubborn people on the planet. But I have to say I have so learned to love this man, he is an AMAZING grandpa to my children. They love him so much and as soon as they see Grandpa has come to the farm, they are throwing on their boots as fast as they can yelling at me, "We have to go help Grandpa!!" I love the lessons he has taught my children about the value of hard work and saving and being VERY frugal. I have known him most of my life as he was my Bishop from the time I was five till I was ten or so and then he was my stake president. (funny huh?) So to be able to see at this time when he is very close to leaving us and the stalwart grace he has, is so inspiring. I have seen him soften over that last year and I had the AMAZING opportunity to write his life history for him for a family history book being published. To hear about his experiences with the church and some of the prophets and apostles have taken my breath away. I have truly had a change of heart. I love him so much, and more importantly my children love him so much. We had to sit them down to explain to them what was happening with Grandpa and how Heavenly Father must really need him because he is calling him home very soon,
Dad and Lulu blessing day
I HATE having to break my children's heart, but I do take so much comfort in the fact that they will all remember him and all what he stood for when the time finally does come which I hope is a long time from now!!
This is the part of parenting that I must have missed where you help your children through insurmountable pain. Dad at the height of chemo still smiling!
I don't remember signing up for that. And I often wonder how in the world did Heavenly Father watch his son have so much of it. It just boggles my mind! But I am so grateful for the joy and experience of being a part of this great family and the time I have been given to come to love this man so much! And I pray for the strength to be the mom, wife, daughter in law, sister in law that helps her family during this time. And I also pray it won't be soon. Sorry to be such a downer, I just had to get my feelings out.
Brody, Catie and Caden on the horse with Dad leading the way

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I can't stand it!

Okay keep in mind we have like seven weeks of school left and I am running a little empty on patience and enthusiasm! However did you ever know anyone whose voice just reaches some part of your brain and makes you want to pull your hair out or scream just so you don't have to hear their voice? Be it high pitched or weird there is just some voices out there that make me crazy and I have one student (1 out of 800 isn't bad right??) that just has one of those voices that leaves me wishing he would get bronchitis or lose it just so I don't have to hear it. I know I am horrible, but as I sat in class today it was all I could do to not put my hands over my ears and scream LA! LA! LA!
Anyone have a similar problem????

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Okay I feel like I can speak on this with authority being a girl of substance, but while at the mall the other day with my hubby, I was walking behind this teenage girl who was bigger with her friend who was not, And they both had on WAY too tight tank tops, Now neither looked great but the bigger girl especially I just wanted to walk up to her and say WHAT ARE YOU DOING!! It does not look good at all to do that, I just feel like sometimes these girls wear this type of clothing to get attention, by trying to give away WAAAAY too much. It is not okay and it does not look good at all!! Okay I am done now! p.s. halter tops and low jeans are wrong too!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Well it's almost done!

Well I finally feel good enough about the progress of the dining room to show a little slide show, the coolest thing about this project is we literally did it about $20 at a time! It does help to know people and have a hubby who can do stuff, but we literally kept it very cheap! Hope you like it!!
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Brody's looking for a sugarmama!!

So Sunday night after conference we were sitting around with some great friends, Jeremie and Lisa, and they have a sweet little baby Ella who is under a year. And the time came to feed her and Brody offered to help, he wanted to feed her the cereal, (What a sweet boy he is, seriously what 11 year old would want to feed a baby? Tear,) so he is sitting there doing it and he is doing a pretty good job, and we complimented him on how he was doing. Here is how the conversation went

Mom, Dad, Jer and Lisa: Wow Brody you are doing pretty good at that.
Brody: Yeah Thanks, its a little hard but I think I am getting pretty good.
Mom, Dad, Jer and Lisa: Yeah you will be a good dad someday.
Brody: Well, ****wait for it.....I am planning on being a Stay at HOME DAD!!

I am stiil laughing!!
So if you know any Suga Mama's or Cougars, Brody will be looking in a couple of years!!
Aim High Buddy!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

What?? It's When?!!?

Did Easter sneak up on any of you? It did me, even when I knew when it was, I was like dang! already?!! I love Easter and I usually do a little Easter Egg Hunt with the family, but it is not happening this year, due to economic crisis (doesn't that make is sound better, than we're broke!!lol)
Anywho! But now I am scrambling thinking we need to decorate eggs, call the Easter bunny and put in our order, and and and. A couple things I am planning on doing, having a lovely dinner with my lovely family! And making these with my kids because we are out of school this week YEAH!!

Yes I know some of you moms are cursing spring break but this year for me!! IT ROCKS!! My three sweeties instead of 800 sweeties (some of them are not all sweeties, but I won't say who!) I will take that, we are doing lots of spring cleaning, fun projects, baking, playing some games and spending time with family. We are really trying to enjoy this time,
There is many things that are really hard and very sad happening in our little lives right now that I just can't blog about yet, so we are truly trying to find JOY in the JOURNEY!! I hope you all have a beautiful blessed Easter!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

So I Made a Dress!

And I had a lovely model, to show it off!! He pretty much hates me right now! But that's how I roll. If I take a pic its going on the blog, he may never let me take a picture of him again!!
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I have risen

to the occasion of making bread!! This is my first loaf that I felt really good about displaying. It is not very healthy yet, but I have to use up all my white flour first to make it worth it. Wheat bread is right around the corner. Isn't it so pretty though!! I know I am pathetic!!