Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One Word Wednesday


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Friday, July 25, 2008

Flashback Friday


Chuck E Cheese Rocks!
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thankful Thursday

All is well......

I notice stuff!

Okay so I was people watching the other day one of my favorite past times and I realized that I do notice little things about people. Now when I am people watching it's usually stuff that I make fun of, I know I am a horrible person, blah blah blah. But when it is people I know and my friends it is usually good things and things I would like to take off of them and stick on my own body so here is my list of things I love about you! If I don't put you on here leave me a comment and I'll tell you yours because seriously I promise there is something! Also these things are not just physical traits. So in no particular order....
Jana-Has the most beautiful hair naturally curly thick gorgeous and awesome calves!
Crystal- is super organized call it OCD if you want but this girl rocks!!
Jamie T.- is always positive always!! if i could bottle it I would
Alicia-beautiful smile and she is like nice to everyone seriously!
Shelley F.-so cute, like super cute. Plus her sense of humor always kills me!!
Melinda-Her energy is contagious, plus when she decides to do something look out, she rocks my world.
Hollie-first of all just gorgeous! Also she has great beautiful hair!
Ann-has beautiful runner legs that I covet, and again one of the best attitudes on life.
Sarah-has a awesome sense of humor even though she's quiet if you wait for it you'll hear it and it is hilarious!! Plus I covet her red hair.
Jamie N.-This girl has boundless energy and again always very positive
Lisa-has beautiful eyes and hair, plus she is very level headed which to me believe me is a talent!
Amy-Has awesome legs and cute feet, I know I shouldn't notice but I do!
Kara-such a cute mom, and she is so loving and beautiful, which to some of us believe me is a talent.
My mom-rocks!!! and her hair holds curl, something she didn't pass on to me, but I did get her smile, Thanks mom!
Angie- again gorgeous and another who is always positive!!

Okay so if I missed you seriously let me know, I just don't know who reads my blog.
You rock ladies!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Flashback Friday!!

Okay so I know this is another picture of when I was younger but this is going on my fridge so I remember that I was once a skinny girl and maybe it will stop me from opening the fridge!! This was senior cotillion 93' man I am getting old!! Hopefully this will help!! Feel free to mock!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008



Funny story, So went to the weber state fireworks on Sunday night. And every year we think that we should really try to go to the fireside that precedes the concert and fireworks but the thought of getting dressed up and the having the kids run around in their church clothes usually wins over our desire. So as we were sitting there in our ohh so comfortably capris and flip flops who should walk up and side right by us, the speaker from the fireside Marlin K Jensen, doh!! I think I will take the hint and next go to the fireside. By the way he was a very sweet nice man with a darling family. And of course I had to snap his picture because I instantly thought this would make a great blog post. Hope you agree!
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Where have I been????


Friday, July 11, 2008

Flashback Friday!!

Remember when this was cool!! I found these the other day and thought it would be funny to post my lovely Glamour Shots!! I hope I have provided a laugh for you today!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Are you kidding me???

Okay so I just went to hobby lobby (please nobody tell John)and I was appauled to see that they already had Halloween stuff up, are you kidding me? Now halloween is one of my favorite holidays but seriously! Well then I turned the corner and HO! HO! HO! no it wasn't any scantily clad girls, there was Christmas stuff!! Give us a break!! I just can't believe that they are trying to push these holidays one right after the other with no break from the worry that we have to get ready for this or that. I have had it with these places!! But anyway they have some really cute porcelin pumpkins if anyone is interested?!?!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I just tagged myself!

I know I am a big dork, but I came up with this idea and I thought myself pretty clever. You can insert a Steve Erkel laugh here if you would like, and since I am making this up and I make my own rule that I will tag whoever feels like answering it. Ha!
Okay here goes, the deal is 10 I hate that I wish I didn't and 10 things I love that I wish I didn't. (you may insert dislike instead of hate, as it is a bad word at our house too.)
Okay for the first 10 I dislike that I wish I didn't
1. Running (too much junk in the engine and in the trunk!)
2. Waiting (I want it now! now! now!!)
3. Senior Citizen Drivers (I know I am going to be in trouble for this someday)
4. Snakes, Mice and Rodents of any kind. ( I would be much better at yard work)
5. Algebra.
6. Heat (I might come out of the house more)
7. Haggling for purchases (my father in law is the master)
8. Laundry
9. Ironing
10.Injustice to anyone (I would have better blood pressure if I didn't watch the news)
Okay 10 things I love that I wish I didn't (also known as guilty pleasures)
1. Snickers
2. General Hospital (the secret is out yes I never miss an episode)
3. My TIVO (which is how I watch the above show with no children)
4. People Magazine
5. Food Network I would be much thinner if Paula Deen and Bobby Flay were not my friends. (Never mind who am I kidding??)
6. My Computer (this blog is living proof of that oh and facebook.
7. The News I have to check all the networks to make sure I have all the stories.
8. Saying YES!!! (pta pres, musical, musical...........)
9. Eating out (there is a trend here)
10.Food (alright I need to exercise now ugh!!)
Your Turn Let it Rip!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

The zoo was awesome!

Okay we had a blast, the zoo is much improved still no San Diego but still very fun check out My pictures blog for more pictures.
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Friday, July 4, 2008


That's all I have to say about that!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Brad Paisley rocks!!

Okay I love Brad Paisley!! I think he is so amazingly talented and such a great guy and so funny!! If you need to hear a funny song "I'm still a guy!" is great. But his new video is awesome, even though I have been singing along to this song forver, it doesn't get any better then Andy Griffith and plus it made me cry, Hope you enjoy!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


So yesterday my little boy and I were having a discussion concerning age. His aunt was having a birthday and as most 5 year olds do, he asked her how old she was. And then I could see him trying to calculate in his mind if I was older than her. So I asked him if he thought I was older than Aunt Jenn to which he asked me to look up so he could see my neck?? He then asked my mom to look up so he could see her neck he then pronounced to us all that my mom was older than me, but that I was older than Aunt Jenn. We kept trying to ask him how he knew that by looking at our neck and all he said was that our necks looked older than Aunt Jenn. So needless to say I went and looked in the mirror to see if I had rings on my neck like a tree, or maybe he was counting chins, except I am pretty sure I have more than my mom. WHO KNOWS?? But it made me laugh!!