Thursday, September 27, 2007

All is right!!

Okay so the right person definately is gone from DWTS, Josie was very cute, but the girl could not dance, and what is up the Alec giving his votes to Cameron and Edyta. Knock, Knock this isn't the presidential race you don't get to do that.?.> Anyway back to real life. So the PTA pres thing I really do enjoy don't get me wrong, but I really feel like a fireman sometimes just putting fires out. But I have such great people on my board and most importantly reliable and we all know they are hard to find!! I am so excited my good buddy mom interruppted and I are going to scrapbook we haven't in quite a while and since I took something like 350 pictures in D-land and the beach I have some big catching up to do. Okay here is my little quiz for the week. Do you remember these old shows keep in mind I love the obscure!! Have Fun!!

1. An alien visits from another planet and finds and home in San Francisco.
Mork and Mindy but I just found out it was actually in Colorado
2. A family make a home among jurassic friends.
Land of the Lost
3. Two angels try to right loves wrongs from heaven.
Finder of lost loves
4. The ins and outs of the St Gregory. (if you want to figure out what the St Gregory is you'll have to do your research).
5. A reality show trying to find who is responsible for the undoing.
Good Luck and Have fun!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Its Back!!

Okay I know I am way too excited about the fall season of tv to be started but at least I am admitting it. That is the first step in recovery. Okay but really probably my most favorite show is Dancing with the stars, and last night was no exception. The ladies all danced first, which was really fun for a number of reasons. First of all people that I thought were going to be really good not so much and I was completly blown away by some I never saw coming. Okay so the super model who has been in si (sports illustrated) was horrible!! Her partner actually said she was amazingly unfit!!! How great is that!! It was awesome! And then this cute little Cheetah girl who is not fat by any stretch of the imagination but is definately not a size anorexic. Totally kicked butt!!!! Sorry but true!!! She was awesome in fact based on last nights performances I would pick her to win especially with the disney channel fan base she will have, (hello remember Billy Ray Cyrus??? and he was awful) Okay also when Marie Osmond said OH my Heck!! Hello Utah!! And then the host called her the pride of Provo?? Too funny. But I have to say that I loved watching Jane Seymour dance, first of all I have always loved her especially since Somewhere in Time, and she is just an elegant beautiful lady, it will be interesting to see her to the rumba or mambo. Go Jane!! Anyway totally stupid but our whole family loves this show and it is so fun. Take care and have a good week everyone!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

What movie is that from??

Okay so I am copying my friends wednesday quiz day idea but mine will not be quite as cool.
I love movies and I always am quoting them and asking people what it is from so I will list at least a couple of questions see if you can answer any?? Have Fun!!

1. Would you say that I have a plethera of pinatas??
2. I didn't know there was going to be a boat......Your in the NAVY!!
3. See isn't this cozy Boy, girl, girl Boy.
4. My name is Muerte!!
5. Sorry 'bout tha.

I wasn't meaning too shout just wanted to make it noticeable
Good Luck have fun!!

What happened?


10 1/2 short years ago???

Okay so I was mindlessly surfing and I thought I would check out my friends page on LDS Link Up because I don't talk to her anymore and really miss her. And suddenly I realized I felt very old,.. now I know in the great scheme of things that I am not that old but I felt it. My good friend is single happily in a relationship (Yeah!!!) And she has all these pictures of her traveling and her favorite music video, and things she loves to do.....Do I have a favorite music video??? When was the last time I thought about my favorite things??? You know I used to be pretty carefree and easy going. Then all of the sudden I blink and zoooowwweeeee!!! I am PTA president mother of three who's biggest concern of the day was what a stem and leaf plot graph is and how to explain it to my 4th grader?!?!? HUH?? How did that happen? I swear I was cool and skinny yesterday. Anyway I do realize I am incredibly blessed and I am truly grateful for everything I have. I guess what I am saying to all you beautiful women out there is!!

DON'T FORGET TO KEEP LIVING FOR YOURSELF TOO!! And to my friend I wish her all the happiness in the world and ask her to bring me back a magnet on her next trip for my fridge to hold a precious picture from my four year old. Love and Blessings Shannon

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Happiest Place on Earth!!

Catie on her 8th birthday!

Happy Birthday Brody!!!

Well we are back among the living, kinda coming home from a vacation I find is exhausting. But so much fun I think I will be posting little things from the trip that just made me laugh. But first a tribute to the two people we went on the trip for. My Brodyman and LULU. They turned 10 and 8 while we were gone. It is just amazing to me how much my life and my perspective has changed in 10 short years. I marvel in the fact that each of my children are so different and I have had to rewrite the book each time a new one was born. I am especially grateful for my children due to the fact that I had been told by numerous doctors that I would never have them. I feel incredibly blessed by these wonderful spirits who make life so fun.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

My Favorite Season

Happy Fall Y'ALL!!!!!

my favorite season is upon us I love the fall I love to watch the colors change on the mountains, I absolutely love the feel cool breezes and have actually get deep under the covers at night. I love to watch my kids rake up leaves and jump in the over and over. But most of all I love HALLOWEEN!! Yes I am a huge fan of this pagan holiday, for me its like playing dress up with really cool dolls, who unfortuantely are starting to get opinions of their own on what they want to be for halloween. But nevertheless I love the fall. So here are some of my favorite pics to celebrate the season upon us.

High School Musical 2

If any of us new how stinkin popular these little movies were going to be, I would have been investing in those babies. I know they have been saying that these two movies are so popular with the tweeners. But at my house the tweener is my four year old........
At our house we have the most wonderful invention of all time the TIVO AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
now normally I truly think that but, as of late well... since I was trying to be a nice mom and TIVOed High School Musical 2 for my children and also sat down and watched them with it on opening night, (to say that my husband was thrilled...well not so much but I am not the only one who has been singing the songs constantly for two weeks.) Anyway but because I have been very busy trying to get ready to take my kids to disneyland and start the PTA thing at school my little one has been watching more tv than he normally would and the only thing he will watch is high school musical 2. 2 and 3 times a day!!!!!
Now for the funny part, he absolutely loves, loves, loves it, but the other day I was working on the computer and noticed him dancing but not only dancing. Mimicking (sp?) every move TROY makes (if you have to ask who troy is you probably don't understand this certain blog) now they are kinda cute dances for this type of movie but it is funnier and funny when you have a four year pretended to be fed up with the world and singing and dancing to TROY's big song. You know the one where he is dancing in black?!!
Part 2 he also loves the part when they are all dancing in the kitchen and he has a favorite part in the middle of the song three unknown boys come out and dance with salt and pepper shakers. And Bubba that is what we call him will absolutely go nuts if everyone in the room does not stop to watch his favorite part. I mean screaming here people!
So needless to say I am looking forward to getting in the car and driving far away from my TIVO AHHHHH!!!!!! (in my head this sounds like the angel cry you hear in your head) to California and taking my kids to disneyland where we can have a great time together away from this darling movie. Oh wait doesn't disney make HSM 1&2 awwhhh Crap!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Rants and Rants

Okay I know in the great scheme of things these are not real problems but nevertheless, I rant
First the root canal that never was.......Okay I do not have good teeth never have and being self employed I have let things go because I directly pay for it, but I have recently decided it is time to get it done. So I have seen the dentist way too often lately and started a root canal about a week ago and went back yesterday to finish it before we both the dentist and I went out of town. First of all things have been slightly crazy lately and I don't even know where my little appt. card went so I completely depended on the dentist reminder call message, which I retrieved driving down the road on my cell phone. Which I swear said 10:00 am, so I hence show up, oh no it was 9:00 am. So being the ever accomadating female I am, I agree to come back at noon, make arrangements for my son and return at noon and notice lots of flashing lights and a helicopter right above the office.....dun, dun, dun!!
Second so I am sitting in the chair I have the little shot that makes you numb, I have the laughing gas all in all not a bad day! Meanwhile the hygenist is attaching what feels like a too small garbage bag for the can to the front of my mouth.....when the dentist comes in and says I think we need to stop...........what............why.....says I? Because there is a bomb scare up the street and I think we are going to be evacuated and I don't want to get started and have to stop.
okay yeah let's please not start a root canal that we cannot finish. So really nobody's fault except for the freak that put a pipe bomb in a garbage can at a car wash? Now I would never assume to tell people how to commit crimes but seriously? We have had nothing but yucky rainy days for the last couple of days and they look to continue, do you think a car wash is the best place to plan your attack? Really!
Third I was checking one of my new favorite show websites to see who got kicked off, thinking surely it wouldn't be my guy that I love and hence......
Ralph Harris from Last Comic Standing was booted I am throughly ticked!!! He was seriously the funniest one there and here is the shocker he was clean.....shocking for a comic these days!
So I done with that show.
Fourth, I am so done with people who make up crap to be mad at because their lives are not busy enough, I cannot elaborate on this one but seriously get a hobby!!! I would love to sit around all day and think about how many people have wronged me in my life and be ticked off at them and them have no idea why?!?!? But really no I don't want to live my life like that!