Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oh So Long

So I know it has been way too long to post, but I will try to redeem myself. with a top five funniest things that have happened recently
5, Did you know there was an earthquake in Nevada/Utah/Idaho? Did you feel it? My husband did as he sat on the porcelin throne in our basement, Now for the funny part both my kids told their entire class. And now I blog about it sorry honey.
4. Last week on Valentines day I was in the lunchroom and my little buddy Thomas who is a first grade cutie, we talk a little every day, anyway he was telling me that his birthday was Feb 2? and I said wow did you know that my birthday is today? He said WOW I BET YOU GET EXTRA CANDY!!!!! Not extremely funny but soooo cute,
3. We went to a wedding in Idaho for one of my husband's best friend and the whole week before my husband was telling me stories about him and how funny and clumsy he is, and also that he dances a little like Elaine on Seinfeld, So they go to cut the cake and the bride goes to shove the cake in his face and he backs up and the pillars (don't worry styrofoam) fall and the bride is covered in greenery and twinkle lights and the groom is on the ground with a very sore bum.
2, My four year old was having a big tantrum the other day I don't remember why and I explained to him that he was acting like an animal not a good little boy. So after we have calmed down and he tells daddy and me that he is sorry, He then turns to me and asks "Mom was that a good human choice?" It is now a saying at our house, whatever works right?
1.So I am in the bathrooom the other day and if your like me, Your kids don't need unless your in the bathroom or on the phone. So my 4 yr old comes in to throw something away, and informs me Mom you have a big fat butt,......laughing here...... To which I reply Yes I know Porter but we don't say that because it hurts peoples feelings....
There you have it hope you smiled!! I am going to go call Weight Watchers now!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

too tired to post

Okay this has been a week, and my husband would remind me that I have inflicted it on myself, but yet that still doesn't matter I am very tired but I feel I should post because it has been a few days, so allow me a little self indulgence while I vent about why I am tired.
Monday 7:10 am
Dentist one filling one extraction (can I just say starting out monday with laughing gas is the way to go, unfortunatly I had to work after
9:00 am go to school to help with book fair
10:00 am Work very busy valentines is coming and parent teacher conferences are here,
1:45 pm Off work head to book fair make sure all is well back home to tend to sick children
3:00 pm not feeling well the drugs from the dentist are losing effect.
5:00 pm dinner for family me not so much,
6-8 pm correct papers talk to husband try to hold on till bedtime
8:30 put kids to bed
10:00 Finish papers finally....meanwhile Hear a coughing sound coming from my four year my wonderful husband runs downstairs and from the crying I now know that we have thrown up Yeah!
11:00 crawl into bed with a tylenol with codeine coma hopefully on its way.
I was going to post about tues and wed but i was depressed after reading that and I don't want to bring anyone else down so love to you all and hope you having a better week than I but really not that bad in the big scheme of things,

Friday, February 1, 2008

My Obsession

Okay anyone that knows me, knows I love books. I mean I love books and my husband would argue a little too much. Our book fair is next week at the school so I have been once again scouting out what I want to get, Now I'm sure you think I must read all the time, Not true I really have to be in the mood. But I love everything about books I love the feel of them the fact I can escape. I love the atmospere books create. So there you go tell me your obsession. Tell me the thing you always navigate to at the store. I also have other obsession but probably not as big.

Plastic organization containers

My labelmaker

Office supplies

And if I wasn't a mormon I would have a serious obsession with wine,

No i am not an alcoholic, I just love the smell of wineries the long rows of grapes blooming, it is a very basic way of life.

All right let it rip!!

Top Five Friday

Okay I have been inspired by all the lists I have been seeing so my top five is going to be the top five things I have to do before Monday. Because Book Fair is next week and SEP's and the dinner for the faculty and early out all week YEAH!!!
Okay here goes,
1. Clean my house and do all the laundry and maybe get it put away,
2. Look up some books on Renisaince (sp?) learning to see if there is AR test and when I say some I mean 10 pages.
3. Do a project for a teacher that I couldn't do at school because at the moment my copy machine is being a stupid head!
4. Work on the scrapbook I am doing for my father in law for his birthday on Feb 18th might not be happening.
5. Maybe find time for a date with my husband. and go to church. oh and make something to munch on for the Superbowl!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!