Saturday, April 26, 2008

Slow to tag!

So a couple of weeks ago my friend Hollie tagged me to tell eight things about each of my kids and even though it might take me a while I am going to try and respond!


I love pics so here are a whole bunch

1.Brody is the sunshine of my life, the child I was told I would never have and the promise of the family that awaited John and I.
2.Brody has a sweet soul and a very soft heart.

3.Brody loves to have fun, but always has to know the plan for the whole time and day, it really drives him crazy to not know the plan.

4.Brody loves people with tons of respect and deeply, he is also very upset when anyone is treated unfairly and steps up for those who cannot.5.Brody has always been able to keep himself busy, with the simplest of things, he is easily caught up in his own thoughts and often amazes us with the deepness of which he thinks.
6.Brody loves anything he can put together, especially legos, bionicles, models etc.
7.Brody loves music and picks up the lyrics very quickly and I am proud to say he gets that from me!!
Brody is a friend to everyone and gets frustrated when someone is mean for no reason, I love him to death and need to tell him more!! Thanks Hollie for reminding how much I love this little boy!!!


So Brody had to do a county report, and he chose Cache County being that much of his family comes from there, so while we were collaborating on what he should do for his report, the teacher had given them specific instructions that they needed to build a float, parade like out of a shoebox to show the what he learned about the county. So while we are researching there is a story in the materials about the legend of the Bear Lake Monster. So being that he is the son of the extreme one, we decide to take it to the next level and make the Bear Lake Monster out of clay and have the float ride on the back of it!! Brilliant right!! Here it is,

It was awesome, the monster is sitting on a map of cache and on the float we had a piece of cheese, the logan temple, the letters USU and the logan river along with postcards from all over cache county. Ready for the punch line.........wait for it..........

BEAR LAKE IS NOT IN CACHE COUNTY!!! Hopefully he get a good grade anyway!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

OH so long...........again

So I have decided running two blogs is a lot of work, but very fun but needless to say my blog have fallen by the way side, So here is my attempt to catch up. The play I am direciting is winding down and will be over at the end of next week, and although I will miss the kids greatly. I really need a break. The other thing that is winding down is PTA as of May 31 I will turn most of the reins to the new head honcho. WooHoo!!! Although it has been a great year and because I have had such a great board it has been easy. They rock!!! So anyway... Speaking of PTA a couple of weeks ago we started Health and Safety Month and to kick it off we decided to go big.
We were able to have Miss Utah Jill Stephens to come and talk to our kids about being healthy and making good health choices. She was so awesome and such a cutie!! Here are some fun pics from that day, Thank you Miss Jill you were wonderful!!!

Covering her ears while the kids did the cadence she taught them.

Dressing the kids up in all her gear she has to carry.

Whoa!! Look at the fat girl next to Miss Utah oh yeah, That ME!!! crap?!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A really horrible weekend

I am finally sitting down to do what I have been wanting to do since Friday. Thursday night we recieved some horrible news. My father in law was severely ill and had been diagonised with leukemia, so after many meetings with the doctors and some not good news as to how long we have, we had to break down and tell our kids which probably is one thing I could go my whole life without ever having to do again. So we are all feeling helpless and sad and doing what we can to help, But there has been some sweet tender mercies from the Lord, I just keep thinking that as sad as we all are, as sick as he is it really is a miracle that he has made it this far. At least now we will have time to say good bye and tell him how much we love him. There was a time yesterday when I was watching my son and my nephew out on grandpa's farm cleaning off the hay from Grandpa's flatbed truck, I snuck out there to take a picture of them and heard my nephew say to his dad, "look dad we are helping Grandpa" There is really nothing sweeter than the heart of a child. Anyway I appreciate all the prayers that have already been offered in the family's name. We have also decided to start a blog to update friends and family on the progress and status of dad so there will be a link on my blog. Hopefully we can find the silver lining on this very gray cloud.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Has anyone seen this movie

My son asked me today if we could see the movie Alvin and the Chicken Monk? Can anyone tell me where to get one of those???