Thursday, February 17, 2011

neener, neener....

For very long time(island talk) I have read blogs where people talk about these amazing vacas they take (over and over again I might add) to sunny locals with beautiful beaches. I would be green with envy wondering if it would ever happen to me. Well guess what it is!!! And I am going to blog away!! Especially when this is what occured today!

So for you jealousy pleasure (or mine) I will be going here. And yeah that is a real picture Cozumel Mexico.

And here Montego Bay Jamaica (can't ya just here the beach boys?)
And finally here Georgetown Grand Cayman. uh huh! Can't wait, can't wait. So excited. And so grateful to my sweet Mother in law for taking all her kids and their spouses on this fabuloso cruise!!!

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Mormon Mommy Blogs said...

Lucky. I am extremely jealous.