Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Heavy Things

All righty we are just going to ignore the fact I haven't blogged in like forever because I like the island of denile, it is pretty here and they know my name. And I am going to blog about something trivial and menial.

Do you have just have things that are dumb about you? I like heavy things (considering my current size, this statement makes me laugh and is hilarious to me) I know it seems weird but I do. Heavy glasses, silver ware, dishes, jewelry. So when a certain birthday hit upon me like a ton of bricks (heavy pun intended) I was thrilled when the hubster, listened to me when I had said about a year ago ever so gently handing him the tag off a piece of jewelry I had bought from an dear old friend of mine, saying "If you want to buy me a gift go here" I know subtle. Well he listened (shocking) Not that he listened just that I say a lot of crap and he managed to pick up some of the good stuff I said. This lovely along with 5 other charms it came with was delivered to me on my birthday. And made me soooo happy and giggly. And one of the charms in particular is heavy so it beautifully keeps straight and doesn't go ring around the rosy around my neck (which drives me nuts). Anyway just thought I'd share my love of this stuff. Her stuff is cool, hip, bohemian, and so different which are my favorite things. BTW I was not paid for this advestisement (but I'd like to be :)) Go to that pretty orange sticker on the side over there for all the goods. Kelly Annie Jewelry Rocks !! Oh and so does my hubby!

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kelly said...

So... how much do I owe you then?