Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gotta go back.....

Well it's here that time for books, teachers and dirty looks. But this year was not as fun for some reason, letting my oldest venture into the depths of Jr High was particularly awful for me at least he was fine! But here they go!! We had a school clothes fashion show an idea I snagged from Nie Nie, packed up the packs, John did his dad thing, we had a Jr. High talk to Brodyman about standing up for what's right and off they went.
Seriously my youngest is killing me with sweetness in this pic!
The pic on the porch a tradition!
This is all he gave me I wasn't allowed to get out of the car, I had to take this sitting in the driver's seat while he walked away....its hard to drive with tears in your eyes....just so you know.
These are the things that stick in my mind and hurt my heart.
The elemetary ones, at least I get to see them a little.
First day of school for this girl is like Christmas, seriously..
Porter in his English classroom!
The boys are back in town!!!! I couldn't ask for better friends for my kid!!
Have a happy school year!!

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Michael said...

Crazy Cute! I can't believe how time flies.