Thursday, August 26, 2010

A small interruption..

Just a question for you blends (yeah I stole that term), Do you ever have people who are in your life whether you want them to be or not, that make you feel well, yucky about yourself. And then you go around analyzing for the better part of your day, is it them or is it you just being paranoid. I have someone like that for me, they make me feel inferior and horrible about myself but do they really or is it just me?? My bet is it is just me, but there is some pretty stiff evidence that is them a little too. Sorry just wondering if anyone out there feels the same way, maybe I just needed a rant. We now return you to your scheduled programming.

This is one of my favorite quotes and current mantra
"No one can make you feel inferior without your permission"
Elenor Roosevelt


The Newmans said...

You need to trust your natural instinct. If you feel negative energy when you are around this person then you need to recognize that those feelings are real. No one should be able to make you feel inferior because you are NOT! And as hard as it can be, maybe you need to remove this person from your social circle (if possible, sometimes that doesn't work if they are a family member or co-worker). I for one think you are amazing.

P.S. I looooove your family picture on your blog header. Talk about one cute family!!

Michael said...

Hey Sis,

You know, I felt that way about some friends a few years ago. Then what I thought was a perfect home, family, and marriage. Fell apart with divorce, bankruptcy, and custody battles. It taught me that appearances can be VERY deceiving. Part of the time I thought they were upset with me, just ended up they were upset with their own life. You are a wonderful Mother, Wife, and whatever else you decide to do... Don't sweat the small stuff, your kids, husband, and family think the world of you. Love Ya!

The Boob Nazi said...

I totally have people like that too. ugh

kelly said...

I think it's because we're chicks.
We worry about EVERYTHING too much.
I always come home and ask my husband if I "have permission" to stress out about things. Usually it's a no.
It would be so easy being a guy.