Thursday, August 19, 2010

What are you watching??

This is a really dumb trivial post but I have found some really new great shows this summer that are decent now I can't tell you when they are on because I tivo everything but I might be able to tell you what channel they are on....maybe. Plus I need any suggestions, of your faves, Keep in mind I don't watch Bachelor/ette, survivor(don't tell my dear friend Neleh ;), big brother, but I have become a recent fan of biggest loser.
Anyway here they are:
1. Top Chef- I have watched this for a long time but it is still one of my faves plus I have a big monster chef crush on this guy I know its weird but its my weird. BRAVO
2. Covert Affairs-Have you seen this show, it is soo much fun its like Bourne Idenity for girls, plus if you were a fan of Ugly Betty you will love seeing Henry, cute and awesome and blind!! Yeah Love it!! USA
3. Flashpoint-This show rocks! It is kinda cheesy but so good and really intense and so sweet in some spots, this is a double winner because me and my hubby love it together. CBS
4. Rizzoli and Isles- This one is good, it hasn't gotten great yet but it is good and its better than watching CSI reruns. TNT
5. Burn Notice-My hubster has liked this one longer than I have I finally gave it a chance and tried to think of it more than just a show about a girl who loves guns show (which is what drew him in) and it is pretty funny and a fun show, great characters and a good time. USA
Again totally trivial and dumb but a little fun once in a while doesn't hurt!


Thayne6 said...

I like Master Chef on Fox and Design Star on HGTV. You can watch both on Hulu (which is what I do since we don't have tv service). I can't wait for the Amazing Race!
--Jamie T.

buzzanna said...

My absolute fave is "Drop Dead Diva", but the season finale is next week. I'm anxiously waiting for the next season of "Castle". Since TIVO those are sadly my only 2 shows. But, I may have to try some of yours.